Knowing yourself

Philosophy of life (CS401)

This free course is a start in teaching our philosophy of life. This humanization philosophy contains knowledge, wisdom and more importantly handholds likes the Four Levels of Perception, the Internal landscape and much more that can help you become a person that lives according to our mission statement: authentic, powerful and aware individuals that think in terms of we and I.

Or to become much as you can.

This course sets out the greater context and principles of the humanization philosophy in a simple way. It is also very practical and can get you started right away in a new way of living: where you use your inner self as a guide through life, in opposite of being pushed around by the forces around you, whether they are from your work, family and social environment, religion, politics or social media.

Do you know who you are?
Do you know what your power and quality is?
Do you know what you are here for?
Do you know where you begin and where you end?
Do you know how you want to live your life?
Do you?

Only you can answer these questions of course, we can only help you in finding your own answers.

Humans are humans and although we are all unique, the process we go through in life is in many aspects similar. Culture and history have determined much of our automatic and unconscious behavior and our educational systems have not changes much since the industrial revolution. We believe we are free, but fail to recognize how much of our actions are actually determined by feelings that are completely irrational. And we are blind of the huge impact external factors have on our decisions.

Instead of learning to think for ourselves, we are more or less conditioned to become servants to the ones in power: in modern western society these are businesses and the people controlling them. We are dependent on them, for basic things like food and sustenance and also for luxury and pleasure. And as a result of that, money becomes the highest goal in life. More or less, we are the same, unconscious of how we live or lives and constrained by something uncontrollable that is outside us.

Because of that, the road back to becoming free and independent will touch many crossings and path that we all have seen in our life.

The humanization philosophy is an attempt to break free of the shackles of modern society, of the bindings that were forced upon us in our childhood and education. It is there to become free and powerful. It is not going back to some age old system, because systems do not allow for the uniqueness of the human spirit. We also find great value in the teachers of old and the spirit of love, freedom, tolerance and cooperation some of them have taught.

Imagine a world where everyone is free to live a life that they have chosen for themselves, in harmony with others, as others deserve the same as you. Imagine where we live in harmony with nature and have become caretakers instead of parasites. Imagine the unleashing of the creative potential of every human being resulting in new art, architecture, music, books, ideas, philosophies, technologies. Imagine that you discover you are so much more than you and I can possibly dream of.

You can start with this.
  • Background
  • Why?
  • Morality and more
  • Assignment: What are your virtues?
  • Theory and practice
  • The Philosophy of Humanization.
  • Assignment: A practical model.
  • Assignment: Accepting who you are.
  • Assignment: Connecting with the beyond.
  • Assignment: Doing something for others.
  • Assignment: Action and reflection.
  • Assignment: Building your code.
  • Fear and obstacles
  • A leap of faith.
  • Dealing with society
  • Summary
  • Afterword and musings.
  • Literature
  • Universal Declaration of Human Rights
  • The fourth level of consciousness (3 hours, 75 pages)
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: Forever