Becoming powerful when interacting with others

Interpersonal Communication: 3D systems thinking (CS02)

Systems thinking
This is a starter course in three dimensional thinking. In the workshop we will give the participant something that goes beyond linear thought, going back to the original way of thinking that was natural for us when we were kids. We are will leave the monkey-see, monkey-do behavior. We will leave comparing everything we see, hear and experience with our fixed view of the world that resides in our brain. And we will give you a way to go further than that while staying logical

In this short course you will learn a logical way of thinking that is uncolored by emotions so the participant can learn to have a dialogue that gives breadth and depth in a way that was unknown before. By using the tools handed to you in this course you will get new insights and perspectives in communicating and learning about each other.

This highly logical way of communication falls into the category of systems thinking and teaches the participant a way of 'we'-thinking by opening doors in the mind that normally stay closed.

This course is for anyone dealing with complex issues where you miss out on certain aspects of the problem you are dealing with and the risks of that are high to the organisation. This course is highly recommended for individuals with a strong technical background, giving them a logical tool of the world of systems thinking.

As a result of this course you will have learned to:
- basics of 3D systems thinking
- learn to ask logical questions to reveal systems
- learning to map these systems
- reveal issues and problems not thought of before

This course is a mind-shifting tool that can help you in situations where you get stuck.
Expect the total time spend on this course is about 4 hours spread over a week.


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