Becoming powerful when interacting with others

Interpersonal Communication: using the four levels of perception (CS01)

Building relations through reflection

The four levels of perception is a reflection model, that you use in real-time, to help you understand communication from others. This reflection model gives you a guide in classifying the type of communication and behaviours people show. With this classification you can understand how people are trying to influence you and consecutively adjust your own communication style so your own interests and stakes are protected. And of course you can use the new insights to influence others.

This course is for anyone wanting to develop deep understanding of communication and the development of relations, whether it be in a professional or personal environment. In a professional environment this course is well suited for those that rely on relationships resulting from excellent communication skills:
- sales professionals
- consultants
- managers and project managers
- customer support representatives
- entrepreneurs
In the personal sphere this course will help building deep relations with your friends, partners and more importantly help you building new relations.

As a result of this course you will have learned to:
- pay attention to non verbal communication
- express yourself more clearly
- engage your audience in revealing much more information
- understand your audience better
- communicate better at a deeply personal level
- improve your listening skills
- focus on earning respect

This course is a course in advanced and deep communication. The tools handed to you take practice and a sustained effort to achieve an elegance in applying them. The assignments can be challenging and take time to do.

Expect the total time spend on this course is about 40 hours during a period of 1 to 3 months.

  • Background
  • Background
  • Establishing how much you know
  • How do you classify communication and behaviour?
  • Assignment: What models did you use to classify communication and behaviour?
  • Theory and practice
  • Theory of the Four Levels of Perception
  • Assignment: What do you think will happen?
  • Assignment: Recognising the four levels
  • Literature
  • Read the book (3 hours, 75 pages)
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: Forever