Interpersonal Communication: using the four levels of perception (CS01)
Interpersonal Communication: using the four levels of perception (CS01)
Building relations through reflection The four levels of perception is a reflection model, that you use in real-time, to help you understand communication from others. This reflection model gives you a guide in classifying the type of...
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Interpersonal Communication: 3D systems thinking (CS02)
Interpersonal Communication: 3D systems thinking (CS02)
Systems thinking This is a starter course in three dimensional thinking. In the workshop we will give the participant something that goes beyond linear thought, going back to the original way of thinking that was natural for us when we...
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Philosophy of life (CS401)
Philosophy of life (CS401)
This free course is a start in teaching our philosophy of life. This humanization philosophy contains knowledge, wisdom and more importantly handholds likes the Four Levels of Perception, the Internal landscape and much more that can help you...
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